Are you ready for the challenge?!  CROC 2019 Classic Series will take you on an orienteering adventure in parks throughout the Portland area. Over the river and through the woods, with a map and compass you will charge!

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.58.58 PM.png

Take the best 5 of 7 races throughout the series and see how you compare to others in your category.  The one who scores the most points wins the glory! A friendly challenge will push your orienteering limits and help you improve throughout the year.


CROC 2019 Classic Series Rules…

  • CROC 2019 Classic Series points will be computed by taking the sum of your best 5 event scores.  Your points will be calculated based on your time percentage behind the leader.

  • You can only be scored in one category per day.  If you choose to do multiple courses during the event, the first course you participate in will be scored towards the points series.Categories

  • Three courses to choose from: yellow, orange, or green.

  • We will have three age groups for each category - Juniors 16 and under, Open, Masters 50+.