Ski-Orienteering Jester-O at Mt. Hood Meadows Nordic Center Sunday, April 1

The end-of-season party at Mt. Hood Meadows Nordic Center had a new event this year – an orienteering tag game. In honor of the April 1 date, we called the event Jester-O. And as a further joke on everyone, it snowed most of the day. But that didn’t stop 31 participants from venturing out on the 1-hour score-o course. Finishers were placed into three groups based on their scores, and rewarded with 6, 4, or 2 raffle tickets. Then, between sessions of the marimba band during the potluck party, Dale Peters of Mt. Hood Meadows gave away shirts, gloves, hats, wax, and even a new pair of ski poles.

Thanks to the CROC crew who helped make this happen: Mike, Scott, Vanessa, Anndy, and Virginia.

Photos of the event can be found here.