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Quartermaster Party - aka Spring Cleaning

So, what's a quartermaster party?
It's CROC's annual work party to inventory, organize, clean, and otherwise do spring cleaning in our equipment storage shed.  No orienteering experience is needed.

Okay, but what will we be doing?
Our gear shed experiences a bit of, shall we say, entropy over the course of a year. We'll do such things as making sure all the start and finish supplies are actually in the bin marked "Start and Finish;" sort through the control flags and get rid of old, torn, faded flags; and inventory what we have left so we know how many to order. Labeling the shelves will be really important so event directors know where to put which bins. Some things may have been heavily used and may need a little TLC, and we'll see that they get it.

Oh, and snacks and beverages will be served.  =^)

Gee, sounds like fun and a really good way to help the club.  How do I sign up?
Just send an email to Scott Drumm  for the address and so we have a sense of how much help we’ll have and can prioritize what we need to accomplish.

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