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Zer-O Series - Dice-O at Grant Park

We will end the year on a fun note with a Dice-O Relay (which we did at the Vancouver, BC club’s sprint camp this past February, and was it ever a blast!). You can do this alone or as a team. This format is suitable for orienteers of all abilities and speeds. 

Start time: The course will be open from 6 – 6:45 p.m., due to the earlier sunset.

Where to Meet: Meet at the shelter near NE 36th and Brazee. Park along 36th south of Brazee. 

Potluck: None

Beginners: As at all CROC meets, beginners are welcome! Participants or the meet director will be happy to give you tips for getting started in the sport. 
Cost: No charge (please RSVP so that we have a map for you) 

RSVP: Please RSVP to Vanessa Blake by 5pm, Tuesday, September 29, so that we have a map for you. 

Format: There are 11 controls spread around the start triangle like a score-O. The object is for you to visit all of the controls. Unlike a score-O, the controls you visit are determined by what your dice roll is. You have a choice of visiting the total of each roll or the individual controls before you come back.

For example, if you roll 1+3, you could visit control 1 and then control 3 and then come back to the start OR you could just run to control 4 and come straight back. Which option you choose will depend on which controls you have already visited. To even the playing field, those folks 50+ or under 15 may roll again if they roll something they have already visited. All others must visit the controls a second time before being allowed to roll again. 

Training Goals:
1. Focus on your own orienteering
With that many orienteers running around there are plenty of distractions. If you start wondering where someone else is going or following someone else blindly, direct your attention back to your map reading technique.

2. Don’t rush and be careful
It is easy to feel the pressure in a relay but you still need to focus on technique. Also, you may underestimate the difficulty particularly if you are returning the same way.

3. Debrief and visualize during your breaks
This is a time to think about what you did well on the last leg so you can replicate it. It is also a chance to think about what you will improve when your turn comes up again (or, if running alone, if you take a small break before going out again).

4. For those who run hard
If you aren’t completely exhausted, you can treat this exercise like intervals because you will have recovery time while your partner is running (or, if running alone, simply take a small break before going out again). 

Debrief/ Discussion Questions:
1. Did you lose focus? What did you do to refocus?
2. What distracted you? Is that a common distraction?
3. Visualize a particular technique or section that went particularly well. 


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