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Multnomah Village Urban Night-O

Event Times

  • Registration opens at 5:30 p.m. Early registration between 5:30 and 6:00 is appreciated!

  •  Beginner clinics: 5:30 – 6:15 p.m. (on an as-needed basis)
  •  Mass start: 6:30 p.m.
  •  Courses close: 7:30 pm (60 minute event) or 8 pm (90 minute event)


Event overview

Come out to the Lucky Labrador Public House in Multnomah Village for CROC's annual Urban Night-O! Run or stroll the back streets, alleys, and trails of this SW Portland neighborhood on a night-time urban scavenger hunt. Both individuals and teams are welcome at this event. We have the upstairs of the pub reserved. (Note: Children are permitted in the pub until 10 pm)

Unlike traditional orienteering courses where you find orange and white flags set the day of the event, this course uses permanent objects such as mailboxes, house numbers, and signs.  At each of about 35 "check points" marked on your map, you'll have a related multiple choice question, such as:  "What's the animal painted on the side of the garage?  a) elephant  b) walrus c) panda".  Answer the question, and move on to the next control.  (Oh, we should mention that the map does not have street names, so that adds to the challenge.  =^)

Registration begins at 5:30 pm, and then we have a mass start at 6:30 pm.  Participants choose between a 60 or 90 minute time period.  Find as many marked control points as possible in whatever order you like, and make it back to the Lucky Lab within the set time limit. Points are deducted for each wrong answer (no guessing) and for each minute over the time limit (don't be late!)

This is a good event to do as a team as well as individually, so feel free to bring a friend.

Note - Due to an anticipated large turnout for this event, please try to arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 pm to allow time for registration.

Beginners at orienteering are welcome! At this event. we'll have experienced folks to offer you a quick clinic to get you started on the right foot. No compass work is needed, just decent map reading skills.



Results will be posted on the Events & Results page a few days after the event.


Registration and other costs

The event is open to the public.
Note: If you join CROC at this event, ($15 individual, $20 family/group annual membership), your event fee is FREE! Ask about this at meet registration. All participants must register and sign the liability waiver before entering the course.

The Columbia River Orienteering Club fees for this event are:

  • $10 - individual (non-member)
  • $15 - group (non-member, going out using one map)
  • $5 - individual (club member)
  • $10 - group (club member, going out using one map)
  • $2 - extra copy of color map

Each participant or team receives a course map, a control question description sheet, and an answer sheet.


What to bring

  1. A quality flash light or headlamp with fresh batteries.
  2. A watch.
  3. Clothing appropriate for the weather. Reflective clothing is recommended.

(What NOT to bring - any GPS enabled device, such as a smart phone, is not allowed for navigation assistance at this or any other CROC event.)


Post-event gathering

After your race, stay at the pub to enjoy pizza, maybe a beer, and share your adventure with some new friends.



CROC has a permanent training course established in this area.  If you try it before the night-O, you may have an unfair advantage, hint hint!  See complete details here.



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