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CROC Member Training-Old Maid Flat

CROC Member Training, Spring Series

Build fitness and sharpen your navigating skills (or just have fun) at these training events. Orienteering courses will often focus on a particular skill such as close map-reading, remembering what you've seen on the map, and keeping track of where you are. The training series is for club members only, who want to improve their orienteering skills, improve fitness and do some socializing. There is no cost for members for these informal events. Results will not be posted, but if you want to keep track of your time, bring a timing device and a scoring sheet will be available.


Old Maid Flat Advanced Forest Orienteering

 We do not have many opportunities to practice open forest orienteering relatively close to Portland. At Old Maid Flat, we will have one advanced course, a Green Middle course, using small flags. This will be technical and challenging. Compass bearings and pace counting will be important. Terrain is essentially all white forest, with lichen and moss-covered sand and rocks. Given the technical terrain, this training event is limited to advanced club members. If you are not an advanced orienteer, you can do the course only if you stay with an advanced orienteer. This is a no-frills training event, and we are not set up for search and rescue. If advanced orienteers would be willing to have someone run with them for training, let me know. The course is about 5 km with 50 m climb. Map scale is 1:10,000 with 10 ft contours
Bring water (and food). Although the campgrounds are closed, the pit toilets are open. My understanding is that we do not need NW forest passes yet. We are close to wilderness areas, and you may want to hike in wilderness after the course. I understand wilderness passes are not yet needed.
It is important that you contact me so that 1) I can make enough maps, and 2) I know you can complete the course. I will provide directions to the meeting place once I am contacted. Carpooling is a very good idea. Also, if anybody would like to go up a couple of hours early, I would like to carpool, too.

Starts 11 am to noon.
If you have any questions, let me know.
Mike Poulsen

More about the Training Series

Creating an event offers valuable training itself! If you'd like to host an event, or have other questions, please contact Virginia Church.


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