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O Skills in the Big Woods

CROC Member Training, Fall Series

Here's an opportunity to improve your orienteering skills and learn with other experienced colleagues in the great outdoors.  Each event will focus on particular orienteering skills. The training series is for club members only. There is no cost for members for these informal events.

Location: Old Maid Flat, west of Mt. Hood

The purpose of this workshop is to pull together several orienteering skills used to navigate in a wooded area, without the use of paths or other urban features. Skills include: assessing the map, linking distance on the map to distance on the ground, linking direction on the map to direction on the ground, how to break a long leg to manageable pieces, how to use safety bearings, and how to re-locate when temporarily lost. We’ll work together in a group, or groups if there are many participants.
This training is free for CROC members who want to sharpen their navigation skills in undeveloped terrain. Register by September 21 with Anndy Wiselogle; she'll send you the meeting location.

NOTE: mapping workshop previously scheduled on this date will be rescheduled.