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Member Training - The Computer Side of Map Making, Part 2

CROC advanced trainings are held monthly with no cost for members. These workshops are either to improve individual orienteer skills on a course, or to improve the club’s ability to provide quality courses. The February workshop will train participants in map-making skills.

Map class graphic.jpg

This indoor workshop will be done using computers and some prepared materials. We’ll start with a review of geo-referencing and bringing in background images to draw over (this will be new if you didn’t come to the December workshop).

The main focus of the workshop will be becoming familiar with OCAD menu options, tools, and symbols. Considerable detail can be added to maps using freely available resources. Using these resources for background images, we’ll look at choosing the correct symbols and best drawing tools to get the most accurate representation of what users will see in the terrain.

Bring a Windows laptop if you have one. We will use some prepared materials you can download to your computer for use during the workshop. If you would like to just observe, that’s OK too, and/or we can share computers.

We’ll meet at Taborspace in Southeast Portland, which offers good table space and wi-fi connection. (Not much internet activity will be needed, however.) More directions to the location will be given when you indicate you plan to come. Workshop time is 10 AM until noon.

PLEASE RSVP ahead of time if you plan to come so you can get the materials needed for the class ahead of time. OCAD software is available if you need it.

Questions and RSVP: Virginia Church