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Member Training - Accuracy in Control Descriptions

Saturday, March 30

Starts 10:00-10:30am, course closes at noon

CROC advanced trainings are held monthly with no cost for members. These workshops are either to improve individual orienteer skills on a course, or to improve the club’s ability to provide quality courses. This training gives you practice in accurately reading control descriptions.

Accuracy in Control Descriptions gives you several opportunities to pinpoint which object in the field matches the control description symbol, while running each leg. Here are the details:

The map has control descriptions at the side of the map; and you can carry loose control description sheets. In each control circle, there will be two controls `flags'. The `flags' will be blue masking tape (so you really have to get *to* the feature, not just see the control from miles away).When you arrive in the control circle, you have to pick *the correct* control flag - turn the piece of tape over to find out (there will be a check mark or an 'x' for correct and incorrect, respectively).

Advanced training: identify the feature and all descriptors for the incorrect control flag. You can either write these down as you go, or if you'd prefer to keep better flow, try to remember all at the end. You can then compare against my 'solutions' which will be at the finish.

Location: Reed College campus in southeast Portland. For the exact meeting location and to reserve a map, contact Ali Crocker by March 27, 2019.

Later Event: April 6
Lacamas Lake Park