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Hamilton Island

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Event overview

Hamilton Island (approx 35 miles east of Portland ) lies along the Washington shoreline of the Columbia River, upstream of Beacon Rock, and downstream of Bonneville Dam near Cascade Locks. Hamilton Island used to be an island; however, it is now a peninsula. In the 1970s the upper part of "Hamilton Slough", bordering the northeast side of Hamilton Island, was filled in with debris from the construction of Bonneville's North Powerhouse. The lower part of Hamilton Slough became part of Hamilton Creek, which borders the west and northwest side of Hamilton Island. On the southeast and south is the Columbia River.

The terrain is mostly wide open with scattered copses, and you can run. There is one large low hill to go around or climb multiple times!!! There are marshy areas, some thickets, and shorelines. You can enjoy beautiful river gorge views.

If this is your first time orienteering, welcome! Free beginner clinics are offered as needed at this event to teach you everything you need to know.

We use an electronic scoring timing and scoring system known as “e-punch”. Each entry or team needs to have an e-punch fingerstick. If you don't have your own fingerstick, you can rent one at registration for an additional $5. Using the e-punch" system is easy. You can learn how at the event, or read about e-punch here.


  • Registration 10:30 am - 12:45 pm

  • Beginner Instruction Clinics 11:00 am - 1:00 pm as needed

  • Intermediate Workshop: 10:00 a.m - 10:45 a.m.  (details below)

  • Course starts between 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • All courses close: 3:00 pm

All teams must check out through the course finish gate before leaving the park, even if the team does not finish the course or returns after the course closes.


Intermediate skills workshop - Distance and Direction: Counting Paces and Setting Bearings

Intermediate skills workshops are for people who want to up their skills beyond the Experienced Beginner level. Meet at the registration area at 10:00; no additional fee for the workshop. After the workshop you will have time to do your course of choice.

We’ll practice these two key skills for navigating through open fields and forests. How many steps does it take to go an inch on the map? And how do I take a direction on the map to the correct direction in the field? We’ll do three short exercises.

Meet at 10:00 am by the registration area.



  • White (beginner): about 2.5 Km, about 10 controls, simple navigation, one easy climb,  on-trail and near-trail navigation

  • Yellow (advanced beginner: about 3.5 Km, about 12 controls, some hill climbing,  on-trail and near-trail navigation

  • Orange (intermediate): about about 4.5 Km, about 14 controls, route choices, moderate climbs, many off- trail controls

  • Green (advanced): about 6.0 Km, about 16 controls, some long legs, complicated route choices, opportunities to run, elevation gain and mostly off-trail navigation

 Registration and other costs

Payment is by cash or check only; credit/debit cards are not accepted.

Former CROC members who have let their membership lapse pay non-member fees.

Fees for this event are:

  • $7 - individual (base rate)

  • +$5 - any additional persons in your group

  • +$5 - not an orienteering club member

  • +$5 - epunch fingerstick rental

  • Scout or youth groups - $12 per team

Become a CROC member   -   Buy your own epunch

There is no entry charge for using the park.



See a map of a previous event here.



All CROC orienteering events are put on by volunteers, and the meet director can almost always used some extra hands. Please keep in mind:

  • No prior experience is needed for many of the tasks

  • You can help out AND still run your course of choice

Typical ways to assist are: helping with starts and finishes, checking in folks at registration, and picking up control flags after the course closes.
Please contact the meet director at the email address on the bottom of this page if you'd like to volunteer at this event. For more details, see the Volunteer pages.



Results are posted to the Events & Results web page a few days after the event.



Meet director Jill and Rick McBee


Driving directions and map to event 

Note the event site this year is in North Bonneville, not at the 2017 location. Note also there will NOT be a CROC sign on Hwy 14, as the locals like to (ahem) remove them. 

Latitude longitude coordinates of event:  45.6338, -121.9790

Click for a Google map, or copy/paste these latitude longitude coordinates into Google maps or your smartphone mapping app to get a map and driving directions to the event.

Driving directions from Portland:

  • Exit I 84 at Cascade Locks

  • Cross the Bridge of the Gods into Washington (Toll $2)

  • Turn left (west) onto Hwy 14 and go approx. 4 miles

  • Turn left onto Bonneville Road – signposted North Bonneville, turn at the Chevron gas station.

  • Immediately turn right onto W Cascade Drive and go approx 1/2 mile through North Bonneville village. Follow the signs to "ball field"

  • Turn left onto Portage Drive and go about 1/4 mile farther. Park in the baseball field parking lot.

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