Mt Tabor Permanent Orienteering Course 2

Come try CROC’s second permanent course at Mt. Tabor Park in southeast Portland.  (The control points on this course are completely different than those on our other Tabor course.)

Unlike a normal O-course where the control points are flags placed the morning of the event, this permanent course uses numbered wooden 4” x 4” marker posts placed by Friends of Forest Park to identify significant trees. Note this course does NOT have multiple choice questions like most of our other permanent courses.

There is not an official starting point to the course.

You can visit the controls in any order you like (in orienteering lingo, that’s known as a score-O format.)

Just print out the map from the link below and go have some O-fun!

See the map and control descriptions here

(Files are on Google Drive and will open in a new browser window)