Hamilton Island  2019

Perfect orienteering weather, four great courses, 39 starts- many with groups, and lots of enthusiasm - All this and more on May 18 at CROC’s latest meet in the Summer Series.

Runners ranged from hugely competitive guys on the green course to numerous family groups on the easier courses. We welcomed several new orienteers and loved hearing a teenager say, “I had no idea it would be so much fun,” as he set out on his second course of the day.  Excitement included; sightings of coyote cubs in the rock piles in the new northern area of the map, numerous bird species around the ponds and sea lions in the Columbia. It is doubtful that our elite guys saw any of these as they were too focused on finding control 49 in the swamp!  We missed Ali. She would have had some competition at this meet!

A million thanks to all who helped us – Anndy, Mike P, Erika,, Ken, Debby, Sue, Virginia, Tsimafei, Alex, Mike B, and Becky especially. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Event Directors Jill and Rick McBee

Training in Bend with the USA Jr. national team coach, Oct 6-7

Hi CROC members,

The coach of the United States and Junior national orienteering Team, Erin Schirm, will be in Bend Oregon over the weekend of Oct. 6-7 to conduct training sessions with some members of the national team.

CROC members are invited to attend these training sessions.

The cost is $5 per map, and you need to let Erin know if you plan to attend.

Contact hm here: erinschirm @ gmail dot com

Below is the schedule.

Friday: Noon -3 Arrive in Portland

Friday 3pm Drive to Bend

Friday 7:30pm Dinner


Saturday: Breakfast 7:30-8:30am 

Saturday: 9am drive to Arnold Ice Cave 

Saturday: 10am Start Training

                              Exercise 1: Contour only course   3-5k 

                              Exercise 2: Compass skills course  3-5k 


Saturday: 12:30- 1:30pm Lunch

Saturday: 1:30pm leave for Dutchman Flat

Saturday: 2:30-3pm Start of Training Session 2

                              Exercise 3: Fundamentals course  3-4k

                              Exercise 4: Mass Start O-intervals  3-4k


Saturday: 5:00pm Head back to AirBnB

Saturday: 6:30pm Dinner 

Saturday: 7:30-8:15 Designing A technical training plan. 


Sunday: 7:00-8am Breakfast

Sunday: 8:15am Leaving for Lava 

Sunday: 9am Start Training

                              Exercise 5: Control Pick  5k

                              Exercise 6: Relocation Exercise   3k

Sunday 11am Head out to Sprint training

Sunday: 12noon Start of Sprint training

                              Exercise 7: Fundamentals of Sprint  2k

                              Exercise 8: Sprint Relay mass Start 3.5k

Sunday 1:30pm Lunch

Sunday 2pm Head out to Portland 

Sunday 5pm Arrive at Portland Airport

Bend Ice Caves Navigation Race - results and photos

Hello CROC friends,

Preliminary results from the Bend Ice Caves are now posted here.

We hope to get split times up in the next day or so.

Enjoy the photos below. If you have any that you took you'd like to add to this page, please email us and they will be posted.

2018 North American Orienteering and Canadian Orienteering Championships

August 17-24 in and around Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

by Rick McBee

CROC was well represented at this international event last month and although most of us were hopelessly outclassed by competitors from Europe, Canada and Australia, we did have wonderful, challenging experiences. The weather was wonderful and over 600 people competed from many countries.

Virginia Church came home with two well-deserved Gold and Silver medals in her age category and Alison Crocker won two Gold medals for the US Team, one in the long and the other in the middle events. Alison also competed in the winning team relay for the USA which took the Gold in that event. Alison’s efforts greatly helped our US Team defeat the Canadians for the coveted NAOC trophies.

The following CROC members ran in events and were really happy when they actually managed to complete courses in the complicated negative terrain:- Tony Pinkerton, Ken Wenzel, Debbie Wenzel, Julie Pohl, David Rogers, Jill McBee, Rick McBee, Anndy Wiselogle, Ali Crocker, and Virginia Church.

Day One was the NAOC Long Course at Croucher Creek comprised of detailed negative topography interspersed with upland areas – all of it covered with forest of varying thicknesses.

Day Two was the NAOC Middle Course at Lewes Lake south of Whitehorse. It was equally difficult terrain with very few trails and a few more open areas between the depressions and forests of aspen, pine and spruce.

Day Three was the NAOC relay held on the Grey Mountain Biathlon Trails- a convoluted ski trail network with deadfall, deep moss and Labrador tea understory. Both the US Junior and Elite teams prevailed! We dared not enter a CROC team!!!

Day Four – the NAOC/COC Sprint was terrific fun running around the Carcross village and surrounding area with its nightmare of trails and pits.
Day Five – a rest day - some went canoeing on the Yukon River, others hiked Grey
Mountain, visited the hot springs, shopped or laid low nursing sore muscles.

Days Six and Seven were the COC Long and Middle Courses set at Hidden Lakes just outside of Whitehorse. Again complex negative topography described in the course notes as "kame and kettle features" confused us all. Despite many trails, open south facing hillsides and lakes, one was often lost. Navigation is incredibly hard when you can’t see ahead and are faced with numerous pits to circumnavigate or plunge through. Bears? No bear in its right mind would have been anywhere near that many humans trashing through the bush.

We can’t wait for 2020 when this event will be in the Lake tahoe area.

And the top finishers of the Summer Series are . . .

Hi fives to the top finishers at our Summer Classic event series. Alexander Myachin (green) and Jason Kent (orange). These two competitors had the highest score over a series of four different events in the summer 2018. The scoring system does require an advanced degree in statistics, but we have some pretty smart figured it out, so I'm pretty sure it's right.

We are having a similar series for the autumn, starting in September, so you can get in on the action there as well.

Annual member party and "2017 in review" presentation

Those at our recent annual member party enjoyed pizza, salad, good conversation, geeking out on O-maps from various events around the country, and planning for 2018. The highlight of the evening was a wonderful presentation put together by Abra McNair, which was a photo overview of events, people, and accomplishments of the past year. You can now see that presentation on our website, under About. Here's a direct link.