Mary S. Young Park meet review

Lots of families came to the orienteering meet at Mary S. Young Park on Sunday, September 11, 2016. The age of participants ranged from 4 years to 74 years. The four-year-old let his six-year-old brother do most of the navigating. Orienteers included neighbors who regularly walk in the park, and frequent orienteers for whom this was the first time at the park. 

Participants liked the stretch along the water, and some liked running faster to keep ahead of the younger folk. The fastest runners appreciated the water views even when they were off the route.

The park is well-loved, well-cared-for and often visited by people in the vicinity. Ten neighborhood volunteers keep litter picked up and keep the paths maintained. Every time the CROC course designer went there with map and clipboard,  a local neighbor would ask with curiosity about orienteering. At least four of the local neighbors came to the registration table.

As always, lots of CROC members helped to make this event happen:  Virginia Church, John Godino, Mike Holliday, Julie Pohl, Mike Poulsen, David Rogers, Debby and Ken Wenzel. On behalf of all the participants, thank you all!

Meet Director Anndy Wiselogle