The latest in finger sticks - an overview

The finger sticks used in the SPORTIdent (SI) electronic scoring system have enjoyed a steady increase in capability over the years. Recently, it's had yet another upgrade.

In true orienteering fashion, there are several names for the same thing. The latest version is called the SI Active Card, or SIAC, or "SPORTIdent AIR+", take your pick. 

This new stick allows you to register a control point without you having to insert the stick into the hole, you just need to be 50 cm or so away from the control. (Hence the "air", get it?) They can also be used in so called classic mode and inserted into the hole. They have a small battery and then that should last several years of heavy use.

This system will be used at a large orienteering festival in Australia in 2017. They are published a nice PDF article on the system, how it works, and who may or may not benefit from using it. (The programming of the blue SI Field units needs to be changed to allow use of these new sticks, so it does complicate setting up an event.)

Read the article here 

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