Hamilton Island  2019

Perfect orienteering weather, four great courses, 39 starts- many with groups, and lots of enthusiasm - All this and more on May 18 at CROC’s latest meet in the Summer Series.

Runners ranged from hugely competitive guys on the green course to numerous family groups on the easier courses. We welcomed several new orienteers and loved hearing a teenager say, “I had no idea it would be so much fun,” as he set out on his second course of the day.  Excitement included; sightings of coyote cubs in the rock piles in the new northern area of the map, numerous bird species around the ponds and sea lions in the Columbia. It is doubtful that our elite guys saw any of these as they were too focused on finding control 49 in the swamp!  We missed Ali. She would have had some competition at this meet!

A million thanks to all who helped us – Anndy, Mike P, Erika,, Ken, Debby, Sue, Virginia, Tsimafei, Alex, Mike B, and Becky especially. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Event Directors Jill and Rick McBee