Stub Stewart State Park Permanent Orienteering Course


Note - The Stub Stewart course has been impacted by vegetation clearing/logging at the park. Some of the control posts are difficult to access or have been completely removed. We plan on a new map and possibly new control locations once the park completes this logging activity. You're welcome to use the course, but feel free to skip any controls that are difficult to access.

The Stub Stewart TRIM course consists of 16 different 4x4 posts, each approximately 3 feet tall, and each with a unique number and letter. The number corresponds to the control point description, and confirms that you are at the correct control. The letter can be used as a means to confirm that a participant has in fact found a control. (For example, a scout leader could walk the course and note the correct letter on each control post. Then as scouts later go out on the course, scouts write down the letter at each post they find to confirm they in fact found it.) The control marker posts are placed in the center of the circles shown on the orienteering map available below.

Stub Stewart has two courses, Beginner and Advanced Beginner. The Advanced Beginner course is a bit longer, goes through slightly more challenging terrain, and has a greater vertical elevation gain. If you really want a workout, you can find all of the posts on both courses.  The beginner course is 1.9 km, and the Advanced Beginner course is 2.4 km.

To use the course, print out both the map and the control descriptions from the links below, go to the park, choose a course, and have some fun!

Both courses start and finish at the Hilltop Day Use Area, a few meters south of the covered picnic area.  Make sure you pay the day use parking fee.

CROC thanks: Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept., Glen Cafferty (mapping and course design), John Godino (project management), and Ryan Peacock and Troop 520 (post marking and installation).

NOTE:  Feb 2014 update:  Construction in the park has removed one of the control points, point #34 used on the long course.  Once the project is completed, we will replace this post.  For now, please do NOT try to complete the long course.

See the map and control descriptions here

(Files are on Google Drive and will open in a new browser window)