New for 2018 - CROC Fall Classic Series!

CROC is excited to announce the first annual Fall Classic Series, following the Summer Classic Series. This year's regular meets have been organized into two scored groups. In a nutshell, you come, you compete, you score points. 


The Fall Classic Series includes the following events:

Your best two out of three results in the Fall Classic Series will be awarded points so you can compete over more than one meet. Put these on your calendar and enjoy a little friendly competition!

 Course categories are White (beginner), Yellow (advanced beginner), Orange (intermediate), and Green (advanced). 


Series scoring:  At each race, the winner for the course scores 1000 points. Then all other finishers get points based on their finishing time compared to the winner's time. 

Formula: 1000 * Winner's time / Competitor's time = Points. For example, if the winner completes the course in 30 minutes, they score 1000 points. If another competitor completes the course in 60 minutes, they score 500 points. A finisher with a time of 75 minutes will score 400 points (1000 * 30 / 75). Ties will be broken by comparing the highest score by each competitor.

Watch this space for the results as they accumulate. Maybe you have figured this out by now, but showing up at all the meets might give you an advantage! See bottom for results of the Summer Classic Series.

A few photos from our first event, Hamilton Island:

summer series 2018 results.jpg