About CROC

The Columbia River Orienteering Club (CROC), founded in 1990, is a Portland, Oregon based club dedicated to enjoying and promoting the international sport of orienteering.

We believe the sport of orienteering is for everyone. Our events are open to anyone interested in participating, and we invite those interested in advancing our mission to volunteer in our organization. We strive to offer events and trainings built upon respect and inclusivity.  

For more than two decades, our all-volunteer club has put on hundreds of orienteering events and introduced thousands of people to the sport. CROC has most of its events in local, regional and state parks, and federally owned land managed by the BLM and US Forest Service. We greatly value our long-time partnerships with these agencies.

CROC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  The CROC governing board meets quarterly. Minutes of board meetings are posted below.

The Year in Review

A presentation of events, highlights and photos from our annual member party. Thanks to Abra McNair! (Files are PDF, on Google Drive, and will open in a new window.)

2017 in review

2016 in review

Current Club Officers

General Inquiries (use email link at the bottom of any page.)

President  Sue Grandjean

Vice President Planning  (vacant)

Vice President Events  Abra McNair

Secretary/Treasurer  Mike Holliday/Marsha Holliday

Mapping Coordinator  Virginia Church

Training Coordinator Anndy Wiselogle

Youth Coordinator (vacant)

Scouting Coordinator  John Godino

Publicity/Marketing Coordinator  John Godino

Epunch Coordinator and Webmaster   John Godino

Newsletter - Abra McNair


Newsletter Archives (on Google Drive)

Ocad Map Files - (Password required. Password hint - CROC house combo)

Board Meeting Minutes (on Google Drive)

Forms (on Google Drive)

  • Membership application and renewal

  • Meet registration form

  • Scout Orienteering registration

  • Expense reimbursement form

  • Informal or training event waiver form


Club By-laws

Club Policies (travel grant info and more)

Meet Director Corner (several files on Google Drive)

Mapping Info and ISOM/ISSOM standards (several files on Google Drive)

How to set up the e-punch and thermal printer (pdf)

How to use the thermal printer and download station at a meet (pdf)

FAQ about the SPORTident timing system (from Scarborough Orienteering)

Top 10 Rogaine Tips

Safety Procedure Policy

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