Council Crest Permanent Orienteering Course


Want to practice your O-skills, explore a Portland neighborhood with tricky streets and the best architecture in town, and visit Portland's highest point and nicest city views?  Then Council Crest is your O-course!

This adventure will to take you to the more unusual nooks, crannies, staircases, birdhouses, benches, garden art, parks, and high points of this classic SW Portland neighborhood. The entire course is about 6 miles long, and at a moderate walking pace should take about 3 hours to complete.

Unlike a normal O-course where the control points are flags placed the morning of the event, this permanent course uses fixed objects such as yard art, fire hydrants, signs, trees, etc. At each control point marked on the map, your course question sheet has a multiple-choice question about that point.   Answer it, then move to the next control.


  •     The course starts and finishes at Ainsworth Elementary School (2400 SW Vista,  Portland).
  •     Visit the controls in any order you like
  •     Complete the course all at one time.


  • You can start anywhere you want.
  • You can walk as much or as little of the course as you like.  Just get out there and have some fun!


    You do not need a compass to do the course, only decent map reading skills.
    SW Vista is is served by Tri-Met bus # 51, Vista.

See the map and control descriptions here

(Files are on Google Drive and will open in a new browser window)