Orienteering maps of previous events

The CROC Board of Directors agreed in June 2013 to begin adding maps of (most of) our events to our website.  The intention is to increase interest and training opportunities for Portland area orienteering.   These maps are in .pdf or .jpg format, are free and may be used by anyone.  More maps will be added as they become available.

Conditions of Use

  1. Any logo or text of the Columbia River Orienteering Club and mention of "www.croc.org" must not be altered or removed from the maps.
  2. All map users waive all responsibility from the Columbia River Orienteering Club and their agents from any loss of property or personal injury that may occur during the use of any of these maps.
  3. Possession of the maps do not imply permission to be on the land.  Permission must always be obtained from the appropriate landowners.

Maps are stored on Google Drive. Clicking the link below will open a new browser tab.

See maps of past events