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Mary S. Young State Park - West Linn

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CAUTION - Event times = Pacific Standard Time.

Event overview

If you don't live nearby, Mary S. Young Park is probably the most scenic park you never heard of. The western part of the park features a network of trails winding through a cool shady forest. Near the parking areas, a couple of large open fields offer contour detail, trees, bushes, and other features. The eastern part of the park plunges to the Willamette River on trails that negotiate a dramatically eroded landscape. The river's edge has rock formations, sandy beaches, and islands. All courses will use the trail system; so bring your running shoes. Well, for the longer courses, bring older running shoes. 

If this is your first time orienteering, welcome! Free beginner clinics are offered as needed at this event to teach you everything you need to know..

Electronic scoring (e-punch) will be used on all courses.  Learn more about e-punch here.

Contact:  Meet Director, Mike Holliday


Advance registration is used because it:

  • Makes things fast and easy for YOU on event day (no paperwork!)

  • Helps meet directors know how many maps to print

  • See who’s coming to the event - maybe plan a carpool



  • White (Beginner) 1.9 Km, 12 controls, 15m elevation gain. On-trail navigation, on-trail controls. Course designer Debby Wenzel.

  • Yellow (Beginner / Intermediate) 2.5 Km, 11 controls, 20m elevation gain. On-trail navigation, on- or near-trail controls. Course designer Debby Wenzel.

  • Orange (Intermediate) 3.6 Km, 14 controls, 55m elevation gain. Mostly on-trail navigation, mostly off-trail controls. Course designer Mike Poulsen.

  • Green (Advanced) 5.1 Km, 17 controls, 60m elevation gain. Mostly on-trail navigation, mostly off-trail controls. Course designer Mike Poulsen.

Intermediate Skills Workshop

Intermediate skills workshops are for people who want to advance their skills beyond the Experienced Beginner level. Each session focuses on a particular skill. Meet at the registration area at 10:00; no additional fee for the workshop. After the workshop you will have time to register and do your course of choice.

Route Choices to Fit Your Strengths

There may be a better faster route than going directly over the hill, or through the stream, or 800 meters through a non-descript forest. Learn how to evaluate and make smart choices for your best legs. After the workshop you can apply the skills in the orienteering course.



  • Intermediate skills workshop 10:00 am - 10:45 am

  • Registration 10:30 am - 12:45 pm

  • Beginner clinics every 15 minutes between 10:30 am - 12:45 pm

  • Course starts 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • All courses close at 3:00 pm

All teams must check out through the course finish gate before leaving the park, even if the team does not finish the course or returns after the course closes.



Note: If you join CROC as a new member (not a renewal) at this event, ($20 individual, $25 family/group annual membership), your event fee is FREE! Ask about this at meet registration. 

Payment on event day is by cash or check only; credit/debit cards are not accepted.

Fees for this event are:

  • $7 - individual

  • +$5 - any additional persons in your group

  • +$5 - not an orienteering club member

  • +$5 - epunch rental

  • Scout or youth groups - $10 per team

Become a CROC member   -   Buy your own epunch



All CROC orienteering events are put on by volunteers, and the meet director can almost always used some extra hands. Please keep in mind:

  • No prior experience is needed for many of the tasks

  • You can help out AND still run your course of choice

Typical ways to assist are:  helping with starts and finishes, checking in folks at registration, and picking up control flags after the course closes.
Please contact the meet director at the email address on the bottom of this page if you'd like to volunteer at this event. For more details, see the Get Involved pages.



The team time will be posted to the Events & Results page a few days after the event.


Map and Driving Directions

45.3804, -122.6278

Latitude longitude coordinates of the event site. Copy and paste these into a mapping app on your phone or Google maps to get a map and driving directions to this location.

From Portland City Center:

  1. Get on Macadam South, which runs along the Willamette River on the west bank. (This road is OR 43)

  2. Proceed South on OR 43 to Lake Oswego, about 6 miles.

  3. From Lake Oswego, continue south on OR 43 about 2.8 miles to the park.

  4. Follow the orienteering signs to the main loop parking lot at the east end of the park.