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CROC Member Training - Concentration

The CROC member training series offers an opportunity to practice and improve orienteering skills and learn with others.  Each event will focus on particular orienteering aspects. The training series is for club members only. There is no cost for members for these informal events.

Mental Training:  Concentration-While-Distracted  

Forest Park in NW Portland

This brain training will be a group hike with practice looking at a map, determining route choice, enjoying good company/nature, and then drawing your route choices after not looking at the map for a short span.  What features do you remember?  Do you turn left or right?  Do you climb, descend, or traverse?  Do you cross any water?

Let's meet at 10:00 a.m. in the parking lot on Germantown Road at the Wildwood Trailhead, and be ready to hike at 10:15.  Please bring a pen and maybe even a clipboard if you prefer drawing on a firmer surface.  This will be a group event where we will hike a bit and then stop as a group to draw our route choices (you do not need to be an artist for this exercise!).

Register with Sue Grandjean by March 29.